Performance Lab 115

A Small Hole Reviews

The New York Sun

"... the Fringe could use additional works like A Small Hole -- plays that attempt to be more than amusing, attention-getting, or potentially commercial. Opaque as it is, A Small Hole is an artistic endeavor. Most Fringe shows are content to merely take part in the festival; A Small Hole means to further the theater in the larger sense."

The Village Voice

"The poor and virtuous Fanny spends much of the play in a box, and Elena Mulroney's portrayal goes from faintly annoying to Ibsen-level powerful in seconds. With the startlingly choreographed ball scene and its evocation of Austens past, the performance affirms the potential for inventive transformation."

The New York Theatre Experience

"The ensemble is first-rate, with Clarke and Elena Mulroney shining with guileless and touching interpretations ... Alice Reagan's direction is striking and baroque ... the tour de force contribution here is choreographer Beth Kukjian's wild African-inflected take on Austen's social dance."


"The company, Performance Lab 115, won an award for overall excellence at the Fringe last year. It's not hard to see why. As finely orchestrated by director Alice Reagan and choreographer Beth Kurkjian, the movements, expressions, and élan exhibited here are gorgeously theatrical and consistently striking … the cast, all in multiple roles, are consistently spot-on, with Rebecca Lingafelter and Walker Lewis especially comfortable. Shelley Gershoni and Jeff Clarke also acquit themselves favorably. The group is complemented by Shane LeClair's simple but very pretty set of mobile red panels."