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Artifacts of Consequence Reviews

The New York Times

"Deliriously imaginitive and talkent-rich ... make no mistake: this show is as much pulp fiction as theater of ideas"

That Sounds Cool

"Without McCarty's bright idealism, Buffamanti's fierce naivity, Keiser's nervy nervousness, or--especially--Lingafelter's desperate strength, the play might be dismissed as clever propaganda. Instead, it has put the 'art' in artifacts and removed the 'con' from consequence: Artifacts of Consequence is an important play that's a joy to watch."


"Halfnight's ability to inspire audiences...simultaneously impresses and fascinates. The palpable tension in Kristjan Thor's staging...makes the production continually engrossing.

The entire cast is good; Kaiser endears from his first entrance, a marvelous mixture of nervousness and nerdiness; and Lingafelter imbues Minna with superlatively chilly officiousness, but still allows the character's warmer nature to periodically surface."