Performance Lab 115

Caucasian Chalk Circle Reviews

Time Out New York

"The production has such zing and visual cohesion ... we never forget Reagan's or the ensemble's thrilling potential: Not even two hours of Brecht could alienate us from them."

The Village Voice

"If the play warns of the 'terrible temptation to do good,' it seems as if PL115 has given in ... a brisk, compassionate version of a difficult script."


"Provocative ... there's not a dull spot in the two-hour evening"

Queens Chronicle

"Tickets to Performance Lab 115's production of Caucasian Chalk Circle are only $15, but the show would be worth seeing at five times that price. The cast is stellar, the scenery and costumes strikingly inventive and the performance has a level of energy to which all plays should aspire."

Queens Tribune

"PL115 does an admirable job of keeping this lumbering fairy tale moving forward with excellent staging that gives room to the tender moments and lungs to the spectacle of cruelty that coexist in Brecht's alternate reality."