Performance Lab 115

God's Waiting Room Reviews

The New York Times

"God's Waiting Room is briskly well written and highly entertaining. Each of the actors supplies intriguing shards of the shattered narrative...But to say any more would be to give away too much of the cleverly deconstructed plot. Go for the concise originality and the tight ensemble acting, if not for the beer."

The New York Theatre Experience

"Halfnight's script makes expert use of foreshadowing and fractured narrative and unfolds like a richly textured novel...The entire cast is excellent...Performance Lab 115, a company worth keeping an eye on in the future, and is a great start to this year's Fringe Festival."


"Don't Miss. ...The company, Performance Lab 115...all shine in their intense roles...a theatre experience that is both intellectually and spiritually rewarding."

Show Business Weekly

"This ensemble cast brings wit and feistiness to their lament ... Director Alexis Poledouris and Halfnight's evocative writing force the audience into the memories of the play's characters as we tensely anticipate the events leading to their deaths."


"... this deft hour-long rattler of both mind and spirit delivers a madcap energy of farce and a sensibility of the theater of the absurd not presented so compellingly since Beckett and Ionesco were in their heyday a halfcentury ago ... it surely should be on your Fringe agenda. "