The New York Times

The Human Condition, Often in Need of Repair

By Anita Gates

August 19, 2008

Excerpted from : The New York Times

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Mike (Jeff Clarke) looks like a typical young serviceman on leave, but this leave is going to be particularly eventful. For one thing, that guy in the corner with the bad cough is Polydamas (David Skeist), muttering about his enemies. "The Greeks are weakening," he says. "They're disorganized."

"This isn't one of those dangerous wars, is it?" Polydamas asks.

Performance Lab 115, a young theater company, juxtaposes the story of this American marine and that of Hector, the Trojan War hero and Polydamas' comrade in arms, to make devastating points in this beautifully acted, elegantly written drama.

This play's accomplishment is just how smoothly the two stories mesh, as one woman sells prosthetic limbs, another is beaten, the hero tries to wash blood out of white sheets and a murder is committed at a Laundromat. Perhaps the thing to keep in mind about Hector is that he dies.

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