SINK tells the story of a man reckoning with modern life soured by the death of the American Dream. Finding himself lost in an increasingly disjointed world, our main character, Winnebago, locks himself in his Manhattan apartment in an attempt to re-group. But how does one begin a journey without a map? Needing a mental sketch-pad on which to organize his thoughts, Winnebago retreats into an imaginary inner landscape — a surreal fantasy of California's Salton Sea: an America that was once almost perfect.

Conjuring characters from the Sea — past and present — Winnebago winds his way through an epic imaginary journey to learn how he may "set his lands in order." In the end, he is cast as the hero and savior of his invented land. But when the inhabitants of the Salton Sea need a martyr to sacrifice himself, will he take that final leap knowing he might never find his way back to reality?

Drawing on a variety of sources from T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, Don Quixote, and the history of California's Salton Sea, PL115 will present a theatrical spectacle in which reality and fantasy are indistinguishable, and the destruction of everything we thought we relied upon provides the foundation for a new beginning.

SINK will have a limited run March 5-9, 2010 as part of chashama's Artist Residency.


Made possible in part by chashama.
This project is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.


> March 5-9, 2010 at 8PM
at chashama 217

$10 suggested donation

seating is limited and by invitation only
for an invitation: / (917) 267-8375


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