Ring Cycle a Village Voice Favorite!

We’re so pleased to note, in this beautiful holiday season, that Tom Sellar of The Village Voice mentioned our production of The Ring Cycle (pt. 1+2) as one of his favorite productions of the year!  Yay!

Sellar: I also enjoyed The Ring Cycle (Part 1 +2) at the Bushwick Starr, which was a really clever re-creation of the opera.

Soloski: That was the mash-up of Wagner with 1980s professional wrestling?

Sellar: Well, it was more than that. They made it clear that the story of the Ring on one level is actually a primal family drama, which was really insightful. They were sort of making fun of domestic realism, but it worked very well.

You can read the full article at The Village Voice.

Thanks Village Voice!

Happy Holidays everyone.  See you next year!

posted by Jeff on Wednesday, December 22, 2010